HOC Seeks Help with Projects

Susan Backlund helps paint at the house that will serve as Administrative office and Training Center for the House of Concern. Move-in date is mid-August

The Seneca County House of Concern is currently seeking volunteers for variety of different projects. The HOC is a partner with the Seneca Community Gardens project, which currently has plantings in and needs folks to help maintain the gardens as they grow. Those with no gardening expertise can also be used to aid with various aspects of that project.

Executive Director Diane Draheim notes, “These opportunities are not limited to store hours because there are several projects we have going on so tell anyone who might be interested but they work during our regular hours.” Continue reading “HOC Seeks Help with Projects”

HOC Awarded Food Security Grant

by Diane Draheim, Executive Director, Seneca County House of Concern

The House of Concern is pleased to announce an exciting grant program with Seneca County Department of Human Services (DHS) called “The Food Security Program”.

The program will focus on stretching the food dollar and promoting food security. Food Security is defined by the World Health Organization as “when people have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and Continue reading “HOC Awarded Food Security Grant”