Donation Helps SF Backpack Program

SenecaFalls Backpack ProgramSENECA FALLS – Mark Benjamin of Seneca Meadows Landfill presented Lisa Garigen with funds to provide weekend food for the Seneca Falls Backpack program for the 2015 school year.

“Thank you so much for the donation,”stated Garigen. “This donation will help between 7-10 children for the entire school year depending on the fluctuating cost of the food bags. And we never seem to run out of children who need our help.”

Backback donation
Seneca Falls Backpack Program president Lisa Garigen and Seneca Meadows community relations director Mark Benjamin

The Seneca Falls backpack program has lost a portion of Foodlink funding including a large cut in a hunger relief grant that the program usually receives and is grateful for any support for food at this time. The program now provides food for 85 children in the Seneca Falls School District.

Like many other aid organizations in the Finger Lakes, the program is a 100% volunteer organization, and Seneca Meadows provided supplies and equipment for volunteers a couple of years ago that are still in use and in great condition today.

“The backpack program sincerely thanks its valued partners Foodlink, Wal-Mart, Seneca Meadows, Seneca Falls Rotary Club, and numerous private individual donors along with St. Patrick’s Church for providing free storage space,” added Garigen.