Food Pantry Info


Monday 10:30-3:30
Tuesday 10:30-5:30
Wednesday 10:30-3:30
Thursday 10:30-5:30
Friday 11:30-3:30

If you do not get an answer, please leave a message because we are likely on the line taking another food order. We will call you back when we are able to.

Our food pantry is open to residents of Seneca County who meet the eligibility guidelines (below) and submit the required documentation. Food is provided monthly to clients. No one is turned away on their first visit. If clients return they must bring required documentation outlined below.

pantry2Guidelines for Eligibility

Because we are seeing an unprecedented number of people for assistance at the Food Pantry, we are enforcing several rules:

1. If you live in the southern end of the county: Ovid, Lodi, Interlaken; we ask that you visit the food pantries in those locations. If you need information on those pantries we will be able to provide it for you. If there is a reason you are unable to get to those pantries or require additional assistance, then you may discuss the situation with us and we will see how we may help you.

2. If you have not applied for SNAP Benefits (Food Stamps) we strongly encourage you to do so.

3. If your file is not up to date you will not be given food until you have provided the proper paperwork. If there are changes in your circumstances, please provide documentation of those changes as they happen. Everyone’s file is updated yearly; a yearly update is mandatory and will be strictly enforced.

Required Documentation

1. Proof of current address for you and everyone in your home that you wish to include in your file. You may use a drivers’ license, piece of mail, medical records, school records. We do not take Social Security Cards.
2. Food will be given on the first visit without any documentation.
3. Nothing but food will be given on the first visit unless in case of extreme circumstances and documentation is provided.
4. No further services will be provided until your file is current.
5. It is your responsibility to inform us of any household changes.