BonaDent Donates $25,000 to Help Those Impacted by Coronavirus

BonaDent has donated $25,000 to the Seneca County House of Concern to help meet the increased demand for their services as a result of coronavirus.

As the financial impact of the coronavirus hits Seneca County the House of Concern faces the challenge of getting shelf-stable food into people’s homes as quickly as possible, especially those whose employment status has recently changed and are unable to make ends meet. The increased demand comes at a time when food banks face a shortfall from traditional suppliers such as supermarkets who no longer have surplus food to donate.

In making the $25,000 donation Daniele Bonafiglia Wirth, company Vice President states, “We know that this is a time of great uncertainly and challenge for many families, and we’d like to offer our support to the House of Concern in an effort to help support its mission of providing food and clothing to those in need. The agency plays such an important role in our local community, and we want to be able to help support those in need right now.”

“The donation could not have come at a better time” according to House of Concern Executive Director Delores Morgan. “Our food inventory was running low. This generous donation will now allow us to purchase food to meet the increased demand in the weeks ahead.”

Foodlink Mobile Food Pantry Dates for 2020


Once a month Foodlink brings fresh produce, dairy, and bread products to distribute to anyone who could use a little extra food. All are welcome. There is no income, age or residency requirement and there is no cost to you. Please bring your own sturdy bags. The pantry hours are from 2:30 to 4:30

Also please be courteous to our neighbors. Be mindful of parking signs, remember other businesses are still open and do not park on private property.

The last mobile food pantry for 2019 is on December 11

Below are the dates for all of 2020:
  • January 8
  • February 12
  • March 11
  • April 8
  • May 13
  • June 10
  • July 8
  • August 12
  • September 9
  • October 14
  • November 11
  • December 9

SF American Legion Donation

Thank you Kirk Casey American Legion Post 366 for your Feed the Future food drive donations.  Providing breakfast food for children is an important element in battling food insecurity in our neighborhoods. “Feed the Future” is one of two annual food drives by Post 366, with this drive focusing on breakfast foods and is held purposely just before school gets out for those kids that won’t be getting breakfast at school. Post 366’s continued support and the generosity of all who donated to the food drive is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Senator Helming Tours House of Concern

Pictured above: Senator Pam Helming, Olan Mack (Executive Director), Supervisor Greg Lazarro, Larry Driscoll (Board Vice President) and Leah Ntuala (Board President).

Upon request of the Board of Directors, State Senator Pam Helming and Seneca Falls Supervisor Greg Lazzaro visited the Seneca County House of Concern on Thursday, March 1, 2018.  They were invited  to tour the facilities to get a sense of the organization’s mission in assisting those with food insecurity and to demonstrate the need for assistance in maintaining the infrastructure in order to continue to support those in need in Seneca County.

Thank you Seneca County Community!

We, the Board of Directors of the Seneca County House of Concern (SCHOC) wanted to take this moment to say THANK YOU to the Seneca County Community.

We have been providing services and assistance to residents of Seneca County for nearly 50 years!  It is only because of our benevolent neighbors, friends, businesses, volunteers, and dedicated staff that we have been able to be a blessing to so many for so long.

Along our journey we have faced many obstacles including decreases in fiscal resources coupled with increased demands in the needs of the Seneca County Community’s most vulnerable populations.

We are currently in the process along our journey of facing some challenging fiscal times.  We stand faithful and confident that our neighbors, friends, business, volunteers and dedicated staff will continue to support us as we work through this trying time in our journey of service.

In an attempt to be more prudent and responsible stewards of the resources, donations, time, and efforts of our benefactors, we (Board of Directors of SCHOC) have instituted an agency wide reorganization.  This reorganization should allow us to service our client base in a much more efficient manner.  The reorganization will result in a small adjustment to our starting time, now 9:30am, and some staff duties have been realigned and consolidated.  The reorganization should not result in any loss of services to the clients we serve.  The efficiencies realized by the move should position the SCHOC to build a rock solid financial foundation and position the agency to look forward to the future of providing services to Seneca County’s most vulnerable for another 50 years and beyond!

As always donations and volunteers are always appreciated.

Once again THANK YOU Seneca County Community!

Board of Directors
Seneca County House of Concern

It’s a Wonderful Run 5K Donation

Check presentation by the children of the race directors with Olan Mack, Executive Director.

Thank you to the race directors (Rook and Korzeniewski families) of the It’s A Wonderful Run 5k event. Also, thank you to the volunteers, sponsors and attendees for your participation which resulted in a very generous donation of $10,000 again this year! We cannot put into words how much we appreciate your continued support of our organization and the community with this annual inspiring event!

Foodlink Mobile Food Pantry – December 2017

The December Foodlink Mobile Food Pantry will be Wednesday, December 13th at the Seneca County House of Concern’s food pantry at 35 State Street, Seneca Falls from 2:30-4:30.

Once a month, Foodlink brings fresh produce, dairy, and bread products to distribute to anyone who could use a little extra food. All are welcome. There is no income, age or residency requirement and there is no cost to you. Please bring your own sturdy bags.

Also please be courteous to our neighbors. Be mindful of parking signs, remember other businesses are still open and do not park on private property.


del LAGO Resort & Casino Food Drive

Pictured above – Staff and board members with Joell Murney- Karsten  (Community Outreach Coordinator of del Lago Resort & Casino).

Last week del Lago’s box truck backed up to our food pantry to deliver  boxes of food, supplies and personal care items donated by their employees during a challenge between various departments at the resort and casino.

On behalf of our clients and everyone at the Seneca County House of Concern thank you for your continued commitment and support for our organization and thank you to the employees for their generous donations.




Give Special Meaning to Your Next Celebration

Did you know that you can give special meaning to your celebrations by creating a fundraiser for the Seneca County House of Concern on Facebook?

In lieu of gifts, you can ask your friends and family to make a donation to help our organization continue the mission to support our neighbors in need of food and other necessities. The Seneca County House of Concern supports an average of 450 households per month throughout our county who are in need of extra help in feeding their families.

The Seneca County House of Concern is registered as a non-profit on Facebook . Donations can be made on line through the social media website. One way is through a feature it offers called Facebook Fundraising. The monies are deposited directly into our bank account. Steps to set up your event along with screen shots are shown below.

So, please consider us when you are celebrating that next big event in your life, such as a milestone birthday, anniversary, family reunion, or for no reason at all but to celebrate each other by helping those in need.  All of your family and friends will not only have a fun time celebrating your special event, but they will get that warm feeling of knowing they are helping others in need.

If you have any questions or experience problems setting up your fundraising event please email

Thrifty Notes – Help us help our community!

Every time you donate items or make a purchase at the HOC Thrift Store you are helping the Seneca County House of Concern maintain our mission of helping our neighbors in need. Both your donations of items AND your purchases make a difference. Don’t worry that your purchases might take something from someone who needs it more than you do. Because of the generosity of the community we rarely have a shortage of goods to place on our shelves and when necessary we always have items to donate to our clients.

We accept gently used clothing, accessories, shoes, household goods such as kitchen utensils, dishes, cookware, working appliances, books, toys, bedding and furniture that is in good condition. All items are checked closely by our staff before it is put on display. There is a lot of manpower that goes into sorting through the donations as well as the occasional pick-up of donations with our trailer.

While most of the donations are in good condition there is at times items dropped off or requested to be picked up that cannot be sold in our store or given to our clients. Our mission is and always has been to treat people with  dignity and respect. Items such as appliances that do not work, old tv sets, furniture that is damaged or has bad odors and clothing that is dirty, torn, stained or too badly worn cannot be sold to our customers and will not be donated to our clients. Whenever possible we do pass along some of these items to other agencies, such as the Salvation Army, who can use them for their purposes.

Receipt or pick up of unusable donations is a strain on our already limited resources. Because it becomes an expenditure of our staff, our volunteers and our financial resources to spend time and energy moving these goods and then having to pay to dispose of them or transport them elsewhere we are enacting policies wherein we reserve the right to refuse items. We are always grateful for the donations of items the community gives us but we respectfully ask that our supporters do not put an unnecessary burden on us with items we can’t use. If you are not sure please contact us or ask before donating.