Next HOC Workday Tuesday May 3rd

Dave Saunders led a group of volunteers in the effort to spiff up the house next to the House of Concern. The building has been owner by the House of Concern for many years and was most recently used by the Seneca-Cayuga ARC. Since they have moved to new quarters, the HOC is refurbishing the building for use as office and maintenance space as well as a training center. Continue reading “Next HOC Workday Tuesday May 3rd”

Employee and Family Donate Thrift Shop Upgrade

House of Concern employee Bob Adkins would seem to be more dedicated to his place of employment than the average worker. That’s partly because Bob knows first-hand that a large number of Seneca County’s residents are well-served by the Food Bank and Thrift Store the House of Concern operates.

He also knows first-hand how the thrift store operates and is always looking for ways to display the items the thrift store sells. He also noted that the check-out area could work better for both employees and customers with a few changes. So he and his wife made their annual contribution Continue reading “Employee and Family Donate Thrift Shop Upgrade”

New Porch in Progress

The crew from West Fayette Presbyterian Church was back April 9th to start construction of a new side porch for the House of Concern. There will be another opportunity for volunteer painters on Wednesday night, April 13th.  Come at 5:30 and join us!

The building next to the church that houses the food pantry and thrift shop will be used for administrative offices and a training center. More volunteers are needed to finish the porch and paint the interior. Contact Dave Saunders, Project Manager at 585-9900 or call the HOC office to volunteer.

Desales Students Raise Funds for HOC

Desales student,  Atik Ahmad presents a check to the House of Concern for $609.35. Atik and the other students at Desales are helping the House of Concern with the Feinstein Challenge. The Feinstein challenge, which runs from March 1st -April 30th, is done to raise awareness and action about Hunger in our own communities. Alan Feinstein also contributes to individual pantries based on the total amount that the pantry raises during the challenge.

Thanksgiving Support was a Model of Community

I believe that Thanksgiving 2010 could be used as a demonstration model of how a community working together can meet the needs of their neighbors.

Seriously, it was successful, inspiring, and uplifting.

Each year we provide Thanksgiving baskets to our neighbors in need. I was very aware that this year we would have greater needs than in the past. That made it Continue reading “Thanksgiving Support was a Model of Community”

Director’s Notes

If I had one word to describe 2010 it would be BUSY! We were busy at H.O.C. Every month was busier than the last: our numbers in the pantry just kept rising.

It seems like it has been awhile since the last newsletter. The time has flown by as time seems to do with an increasingly alarming rate!  It is as my mother always told me.the older you get the quicker it goes!

If I had one word to describe 2010 it would be BUSY! We were busy at H.O.C.     Every month seemed busier than the last. Our numbers in the pantry just kept rising. December…which was a short as far as how many days we were open..December we saw 286 families. The last two months of the Continue reading “Director’s Notes”

Groups Respond to Historic High Needs of HOC

VFW donors
Lt Cyrus Garnsey VFW in Seneca Fall donates a check for $1,500 to the HOC. They are also doing a food drive

The need for food, household goods and other services has never been greater in Seneca County, but local businesses, Civic organizations and churches have been responding generously to help fill the wide gap. At a time of overall funding cuts, it continues to be difficult for the House of Concern to keep up with greater demand.

The response from the Seneca County Community has been most Continue reading “Groups Respond to Historic High Needs of HOC”