40 Day Challenge of Giving

Take the 40 day challenge of giving. If you observe the yearly tradition of Lent, perhaps you are considering what you can give up. Or even if you don’t, maybe you plan to start spring cleaning and decluttering soon. Or it can also be as simple as giving 40 items in 40 days.

Each day take one item and set it aside to donate. Or if you are feeling more ambitious, pick an area of your home each day and declutter a few shelves in a cupboard, look through a drawer or your closet and pull out items you don’t really need or won’t use.

A few other options are to pick up a few items each time you go to the store. Make a donation jar and collect your change for 40 days. You could also hold a 40 day food drive at your place of work.

What can you put in your donation boxes? Articles of gently used clothing, unused kitchen utensils or dishes, an unopened bottle of shampoo or tube of toothpaste, a jar of tomato sauce or even an extra cake or muffin mix pulled from your pantry.

These are all things that can be donated to the Seneca County House of Concern and are always needed, especially personal hygiene products. Also, a special treat such as a cake mix or brownie mix is appreciated because it’s a nice and unexpected treat for our clients to receive near a holiday or if we know they have an upcoming birthday.

Grab a box or a bag and start the 40 day challenge today to benefit the Seneca County House of Concern! Giving is a great gift to yourself and for others.