Thank you Seneca County Community!

We, the Board of Directors of the Seneca County House of Concern (SCHOC) wanted to take this moment to say THANK YOU to the Seneca County Community.

We have been providing services and assistance to residents of Seneca County for nearly 50 years!  It is only because of our benevolent neighbors, friends, businesses, volunteers, and dedicated staff that we have been able to be a blessing to so many for so long.

Along our journey we have faced many obstacles including decreases in fiscal resources coupled with increased demands in the needs of the Seneca County Community’s most vulnerable populations.

We are currently in the process along our journey of facing some challenging fiscal times.  We stand faithful and confident that our neighbors, friends, business, volunteers and dedicated staff will continue to support us as we work through this trying time in our journey of service.

In an attempt to be more prudent and responsible stewards of the resources, donations, time, and efforts of our benefactors, we (Board of Directors of SCHOC) have instituted an agency wide reorganization.  This reorganization should allow us to service our client base in a much more efficient manner.  The reorganization will result in a small adjustment to our starting time, now 9:30am, and some staff duties have been realigned and consolidated.  The reorganization should not result in any loss of services to the clients we serve.  The efficiencies realized by the move should position the SCHOC to build a rock solid financial foundation and position the agency to look forward to the future of providing services to Seneca County’s most vulnerable for another 50 years and beyond!

As always donations and volunteers are always appreciated.

Once again THANK YOU Seneca County Community!

Board of Directors
Seneca County House of Concern