Give Special Meaning to Your Next Celebration

Did you know that you can give special meaning to your celebrations by creating a fundraiser for the Seneca County House of Concern on Facebook?

In lieu of gifts, you can ask your friends and family to make a donation to help our organization continue the mission to support our neighbors in need of food and other necessities. The Seneca County House of Concern supports an average of 450 households per month throughout our county who are in need of extra help in feeding their families.

The Seneca County House of Concern is registered as a non-profit on Facebook . Donations can be made on line through the social media website. One way is through a feature it offers called Facebook Fundraising. The monies are deposited directly into our bank account. Steps to set up your event along with screen shots are shown below.

So, please consider us when you are celebrating that next big event in your life, such as a milestone birthday, anniversary, family reunion, or for no reason at all but to celebrate each other by helping those in need.  All of your family and friends will not only have a fun time celebrating your special event, but they will get that warm feeling of knowing they are helping others in need.

If you have any questions or experience problems setting up your fundraising event please email