Detailed Info for Canal Crawl Participants-2016

As we make our final preparations for the event we are sharing a list of possible questions and answers for our participants. Please keep in mind that this is a rain or shine event and will only be cancelled if there is lightning. You will need to have your waiver signed before you launch. If you do not have your waiver on file, to save time please print, complete and bring waiver with you (Click WAIVER link below). Otherwise, when you arrive there will be waivers available to sign at check-in. This information can also be found on our Facebook Page: Canal Crawl Paddling Poverty.


What time is check-in and where?
Check in starts at 9:00 AM at Oak Island in Waterloo. Oak Island is at the end of Oak Street off of Route 5 & 20 (West Main Street). See map below. Watch for signs. If you rented a kayak from Fuzzy Guppies check in at Oak Island first and proceed to Fuzzy Guppies to launch. We ask that you check in no later than 9:45. Our goal is to have everyone on the water by 10:00 AM. At check in you will receive two matching numbered security wrist bands connecting owner and boat. One is attached to the wrist, the other to your boat. There will be a supervised area to store boats while you park.

Where should I park?
There is limited parking on Oak Island. If that lot becomes full, we ask that you follow directions to the main parking area located in the back of the Waterloo Recreation Center also on Oak Street.  If that lot becomes full there is additional parking in the Waterloo village parking lots. If you are launching at Oak Island, to go through the lock, but there is no parking available when you arrive, unload your watercraft and park in one of the optional lots.

What if I don’t want to go through the lock?
There is the optional launching site at the Waterloo Department of Public Works at 45 East Water Street, Waterloo. East Water Street is off Route 5&20 (East Main Street).  Check in at Oak Island first and proceed to the alternate launch site. If you want to paddle with the other participants wait to enter the water when you see the other participants approaching.

What supplies do I need to bring with me?
Your approved watercraft, a life jacket (required), whistle or noisemaker and any other supplies you think you will need, such as a bottle of water, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a cell phone or camera to take pictures. Dress appropriately for the weather conditions. You may want to bring cash to participate in the raffles at the end. We have some great items including restaurant gift certificates, wine basket, Alex & Ani and Pandora bracelets, a MacKenzie-Childs bowl and much more.

Where will there be restrooms?
There are restrooms at Oak Island and also at the Seneca Falls Recreation Center. Plan accordingly. This should be about a two-hour paddle.

What happens entering and exiting the lock?
Please comply with all instructions. Maintain a 20′ distance from lock gates, minimize horseplay, and do not attempt to enter or exit the locks until the gate doors are fully open and you’ve been given the green light to advance. Also, please be a polite paddler and make way for larger boats not only in the lock but also as you make your way in the canal.

What is the scavenger hunt?
When you check in you will be given a lanyard with the scavenger hunt entry form and marker inside the plastic pouch. Write your name and telephone number on the form. After you go through the locks watch the shoreline. There are 15 scavenger hunt items to look for. There will be signs with numbers posted on or near the items. Write the numbers (1-15) beside the corresponding clues. These items may be natural landmarks or items placed along the shore. Answer the trivia questions on the back and turn your entry in when you arrive at the Seneca Falls Recreation Center. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

What else can I expect?
This is a low-intensity relaxing paddle. It is not a race so take your time. There will be music and snacks along the way. We encourage decorations, with fun colors, hats, to have a fun time on the water. Please do not alter your watercraft in a way that could jeopardize your safety. Water guns are OK but not everyone wants to be sprayed so please be respectful of other participants. Participate in the Scavenger Hunt to win a Bass Pro Gift Certificate. Enjoy the comradery, take pictures and if you post them on Facebook or Twitter please use the hashtag #CanalCrawlSCHOC.

What happens when I arrive at the Seneca Falls Recreation Center?
When you disembark at the recreation center we will have security keeping an eye on the area where your watercraft will be stored. There will be trash receptacles and recycling cans for you to discard any unwanted items. Please do not dispose of your trash in the canal. Hand in your scavenger hunt entry form. Partake in the complimentary lunch, which we will be ready at approximately at 11:30 and enjoy the live music. Take a chance on raffle items. Awards and prizes will be announced at approximately 12:30. (All times are approximate, depending on the time it takes everyone to paddle down the canal.)

How do I get back to the launch site/parking area to get my vehicle?
There will be a shuttle starting at approximately 12:30, after awards, prizes and drawings. You will be dropped off at Oak Island and will need to drive your automobile back to the Seneca Falls Recreation Center to pick up your watercraft.

Thank you for being a part of Canal Crawl Paddling Poverty to help the Seneca County House of Concern fight hunger!

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