Postal Workers Lend Hand to HOC

POdrive1 POdrive2Local United States Postal Service employees lent a hand to the Seneca County House of Concern with cartloads of food supplied by their customers. The Post Office sent out a card requesting donations of non-perishable food items to all their customers in the area, and over the past few days have collected the bags customers left by their mailboxes.

The result was several cartloads of urgently needed food for the people of Seneca County. Like all food pantries, the House of Concern has been faced with cuts in funding at the same time as the need for food has been unprecedented.

POdrive3“We have experienced the greatest need this year than we have seen in out entire 45 year history of serving Seneca County,” said House of Concern Executive Director Diane Draheim. “We have had to purchase an unusual amount of food from local stores to keep our shelves stocked, so this generous donation will be a huge help.”