Notes from the Director

Spring BudsHappy Spring! Okay I admit that on the day I’m writing this, it doesn’t seem like Spring but the  calendar tells us it is. As I look out my window this morning it is gray and spitting snow and yet just by our office door there are little flowers standing up valiantly despite the weather.

This ability to see what lies ahead despite how things look right this minute is something that all of us here at House of Concern practice. Last summer when the numbers at the food pantry rose so drastically and we found out that we were losing grant money at the same time things looked pretty gloomy. Now I will not even pretend that part of me didn’t want to say “I give up!” However that was only for a minute (or two) and the next step was to really start envisioning new ways to get money in to our pantry. So there have been meetings with the board and several committees new and old working to do exactly that. Here are just some of the things that have been and are going on right now.

We decided it was time to give the store a much needed facelift and at the same time we needed to lower our utility costs. So with new grants and donations and lots of volunteers we have a new shed, new windows in the store, a lowered ceiling, new lighting and fresh paint on the walls all in less than a year. We have rebranded the store to be called House of Concern New Beginnings. Stop in and see all the changes and buy yourself something nice. The store is for everyone’s shopping and the sales help to fund the food pantry.

So that has been step one. Step two has been fundraising, which we have not done a lot of over the years. Thanks to a great idea from Sharon Hoatland from the Hotel Clarence we will be having an exciting fun fashion show fund raiser on May 17thand 18th called The Traveling Little Black Dress Creating New Beginnings. Read more about it in this   newsletter and please plan to come. Remember all the profits will go to our food pantry.

The Third step is both scary and exciting which is often the way with new ventures. We are opening a consignment store on Fall Street. We will be in the same building as    WomanMade Products. This will be different than our main store as it is consignments only. It will be called HOC New Beginnings Boutique. The thing that is not different is the reason we are doing this and that is to raise money for the food pantry. The sales will help to support the pantry.

So as you can see many changes are occurring but they all are in an effort to continue  doing what we have been doing for over 40 years, caring for our neighbors in need. I thank all of you for your help doing that. We could not do it without all of your support.

Have a great Spring!