Postal Service Brings 1400 Pounds of Food to HOC

Items from the USPS food drive fill a couple of palettes at the House of Concern

The cupboards at the House of Concern were nearly bare, so the arrival of 1,400 pounds of food from a drive conducted by local Postal Service employees couldn’t have come at a better time. The USPS holds an annual drive, and carriers pick up food as they make their rounds.

The House of Concern has seen a 150% increase over last year in consumers in need of food, and that fact coupled with a significant decrease in funding for various food programs have made it increasingly difficult to keep enough food supplies in stock. This has necessitated a large increase in the amount of money the House of Concern and other food pantries throughout the county must spend at local grocery stores to keep the shelves stocked.

The recent Feinstein challenge brought in some additional funds and food, but as the school year ends and the accompanying lunch programs end with it, there will be another upsurge in demand for food from area food pantries.

To donate much needed food (a list of what is most needed is available on the web site:, call the HOC at 315.568.2433.