Donate Now Button Added

There is now a Donate Now button on our web site. The button provides a convenient and secure way to donate to the Seneca County House of Concern. We have carefully considered the best way to make use of the Internet and social media to help us with our mission of meeting the food needs of our community and have partnered with Donate Now to provide this service. The company is specifically set up to handle any size donation for not-for-profit organizations and charge a very minimal fee for setting up a secure, safe way to make an on-line donation. It is a much more cost-effective way of making donations because it saves us the postage and printing costs associated with our usual fund-raising methods. It also allows donors to enter any information about dedicating their gifts in memory of a loved one and can create a snail mail or email acknowledgement for your gift. It also allows you to make your gift anonymously.

We hope our donors will be happy with this solution, and we look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our community in the most efficient and responsible manner possible. Thanks to all who contribute som much in time and  financial resources to help in this important effort.