Employee and Family Donate Thrift Shop Upgrade

House of Concern employee Bob Adkins would seem to be more dedicated to his place of employment than the average worker. That’s partly because Bob knows first-hand that a large number of Seneca County’s residents are well-served by the Food Bank and Thrift Store the House of Concern operates.

He also knows first-hand how the thrift store operates and is always looking for ways to display the items the thrift store sells. He also noted that the check-out area could work better for both employees and customers with a few changes. So he and his wife made their annual contribution to the House of Concern an extremely practical one. He designed and constructed a new check-out counter and sales station and installed it in the Thrift Store.

The new counter includes display space, cash register area and storage. Bob also relocated the check-out area to provide easier access and better traffic flow in the store area.

Stop by and “check-out” the new counter, and be sure to thank Bob for his generous donation!