Save the Date for the 2015 Little Black Dress Fashio Show!

Little Black DressTickets are now available for the Third Annual Little Black Dress Fashion Show at the Gould Hotel April 17-18, 2015.

They will be available at the New Beginnings Boutique, 103 Fall Street. Last year's show was a sell out on both dates, so get your tickets early!

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House of Concern
35 State Street
Seneca Falls NY 13148

Phone: 315-568-2433
Web: http//



  1. Lori's Gravatar Lori
    December 29, 2012    

    Do you pick up large items of furniture and TV’s ?

    • admin's Gravatar admin
      December 29, 2012    

      You can arrange to have large items picked up by calling 315-568-6070 from 9-5 daily and 10-2 Saturday. If no one is available to answer at the time you call, please leave a message.

  2. Peggy's Gravatar Peggy
    July 27, 2014    

    You really do need to get some control over the Food Link Distribution. I would like to make a suggestion. I know people start lining up around 1pm. Have you ever thought of handing out cards with numbers on them? One per family? That way people could leave and get out of the sun, just making sure they are back in time for your distribution. Then you could let 5 or 10 through the line , ONCE, and take their numbered card from them. Then you could call out the next 5 or 10 people with numbers, have them go through the line, ONCE, and take their card from them as they exit. If someone doesn’t have a numbered card, or tries to cut in, just don’t let them through. And of course, I understand large families need assistance with items they receive. There could be the one person holding the numbered card gathering the items and their family in back or off to the side for them to give the filled bags or boxes. And a side thought, are you aware that a good number of people are making a job out of going through all of the Food Link Distributions in the Finger Lakes? One woman even told me that they hit up the distributions in Rochester.

    • admin's Gravatar admin
      July 29, 2014    

      We are aware of these concerns. Moving outdoors helped in some respects but caused other issues. We are making several changes for next month’s distribution. We believe the statement that “a good number” of people are making a job of going to food distributions exaggerates the problem. The amount of food passed out would not support such an activity and many of the folks in attendance lack transportation. The program is set up to feed all who come and we do not ask, (and we are not permitted under our contract with Foodlink to ask), whether anyone has received food from other sources. All food is donated to Foodlink and passed out on a first-come first-served basis. We are enacting measures to ensure folks are not “double dipping” at the mobile pantry, which is not fair to the others who need food.

      • Peggy's Gravatar Peggy
        July 29, 2014    

        Thank you.

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